Hope Medical Group

Posted by A. Smith on Oct-27-2009

Despite its deep roots in the community and high experience in the field, this group of cancer care specialists had little brand recognition in the marketplace. As the case with many health organizations, patients only referred to the practice by their physician’s name, not the organization’s name. Our goal was to unearth and communicate a strong organizational brand and position Hope Medical Group (then, Hematology Oncology Associates) for projected growth.

Strategy & Solution:
We engaged the whole organization in a branding process, centered on dialogue, to create cohesiveness among the physicians and staff, and to discover and define an authentic, compelling brand story that would connect with the marketplace at a values-based level.

We changed the organization’s name to Hope Medical Group to better reflect the spirit of its people and the true identity of the organization. We also developed an internal and external brand development plan, including stunning creative and rigorous strategies to align internal systems and processes that deliver on the brand promise and are designed to create unparalleled patient experiences.

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