A List

Five squared: 25 things that make my A. List

“As professional and personal lives converge, those who are authentic and transparent will triumph.”

You might be wondering why I am sharing my A. List with you. Well, to me, it’s simple: I live my brand. I am no different when I walk through the door to my home than when I enter my office. Of course, this could be because I have a home office. The point is that I am comfortable with being who I am, all of the time. With me, what you see is what you get. This is a glimpse of what you get:

Five things that make my world go round:
Faith, love, & hope
Family & friends

Five brands that inspire me:
Horny Toad

Five people I would like to meet (or would have liked to):
Abraham Lincoln
Jim Henson
Maya Angelou
Brian Andreas
My great-grandfather Modesto Corsini

Five books that I love:
This I Believe
The Giving Tree
Raising The Bar, The Story of Clif Bar
Before You Leap
Managing Upside Down

Words I live by:
I love you
Our Father who art in heaven…
I pledge allegiance to the flag…
Life is good
Everybody has a story