LIVESTRONG: Renewing hope in people and in business

Posted by A. Smith on Dec-2-2009

I participated in a LIVESTRONG event in Austin, TX, nearly six weeks ago. I don’t think I’ve gone a day since without reflecting on my experience. First, there’s the obvious: The overwhelming gratitude I felt toward an organization that is confronting cancer in a big way. To witness the difference LIVESTRONG makes firsthand and to celebrate life in the company of survivors was simply awesome.

I will hold steadfastly to my memories of seeing two beautiful bald women embrace each other for the first time, of witnessing cyclists raise their arms in victory as they crossed the finish, and of sharing in conversation with Alyssa, Renee, Doug, and others whose spirits alone lend credence to a cancer-free world.

The weekend was everything I hoped for and more.

I walked away truly inspired by people. I also left with a renewed belief in the possibility of business. Cause aside, LIVESTRONG is an amazing organization. As an individual who is passionate about worthwhile and sustainable brands, I put LIVESTRONG in its own class. Here’s a glimpse of why this brand rocks:

  • Forget a mission statement, LIVESTRONG brings to life a manifesto (
  • The headquarters is LEED certified, incorporates more than a ton of re-used materials from the existing building, relies almost entirely on natural light, and boasts a kitchen where recycling and composting are given behaviors
  • This organization thrives on community from its engagement with local nonprofits to its global networking to its infamous twittering (with a live Twitter feed @LIVESTRONGHQ)
  • LIVESTRONG is not just a workplace but also a workout place where employees can hit the onsite gym, break for yoga, or take a company bike for a spin around town
  • The list goes on – internships, education, art, music, culture, outreach, websites, blogs, public tours, wristbands, patient support, empathy, vision…

LIVESTRONG not only bleeds yellow but also paints the world yellow with hope.

There’s a lot we can learn from LIVESTRONG, including how to live, work, and brand strong.

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