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Posted by A. Smith on Apr-16-2010

I met amazing people at SXSW. One of them was Traci Fenton, founder and CEO of WorldBlu, an organization created to unleash human potential and inspire freedom by championing the growth of democratic organizations worldwide. In other words, Traci works with and promotes companies that “get it.”

Talk about refreshing. This is a vision I can get on board with. It’s simple, yet powerful: choose organizational democracy ( and help change the world. But, it was more than Traci’s message that resonated with me; it was also her. This bright, forward-thinking and successful woman was so completely down to earth, so gracious and fun. She brought to life the very characteristics her company stands for – from integrity to dialogue and listening to openness.

I love that Traci and the WorldBlu team are spreading democratic values throughout businesses worldwide. One of their key initiatives is a groundbreaking, global award: The WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces. This year’s list was announced three days ago and is comprised of 44 organizations from an array of industries, ranging from five to 60,000 employees. To learn about the recipients, visit

In reading through this list, I was excited to see an organization from Portland, Maine, made the grade: Innovation Partners International ( I was even more thrilled to learn that Innovation Partners uses Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to help companies achieve excellence. Over the past several years, I have incorporated aspects of this methodology (AI) into my brand consulting services because I am a big believer in asking questions and using a strength-based approach to business.

On this note, and in the spirit of WorldBlu, what is one way your business already promotes democracy in the workplace and how might you build on this strength?

  1. Traci Fenton Said,

    Thank you Angela for the beautiful blog post and all your support of WorldBlu! It was wonderful to meet you at South by Southwest as well. I’m so glad that you also saw that there is a company on this year’s WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces from your part of the country as well. Take care and keep up all the wonderful work you are doing! :)

    Traci Fenton
    Founder, WorldBlu

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