How I Ended Up on the 29th Floor of Fast Company

Posted by A. Smith on Jun-22-2010

NYC part one of three:

I just spent two whirlwind days in New York City with my colleague and friend Laura Desmarais. We flew down for Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business event. But before I get into the details of our trip, let me backup and share how it came to be in the first place.

So, I am flipping through the May issue of Fast Company, and I see an ad for the 100 Most Creative People Within seconds I tell my husband I plan to go. As always, he supports me. A few days later, I go to sign up and to my dismay, registration isn’t open. What’s a girl to do? Jump on Twitter, of course, and email the brilliant brains behind the magazine’s online content, Noah Robischon. He replies immediately that the site will be ready soon, and he’ll “ping” me.

Well, I’m not the most patient person so I keep checking the site, and late one night I discover that registration is open. I also learn that the program is a mere three hours. There’s nothing wrong with this…it’s just a little hard to justify flying from Maine to New York for an afternoon. Deflated, I scratch the conference off my iCal.

Until the next day that is when things take an exciting turn.

Noah tweets me in the morning: site’s up. I politely reply that I don’t think I can pull it off, at least not in good judgment. To my surprise, he doesn’t let me off the hook that easily. Instead he writes, “We’ll make it worth your while. Who do we need to convince? I’ll help.”

Wow. For someone obsessed with Fast Company, I am both flattered and intrigued. Before I even have a chance to respond, I get another tweet from FC senior writer Ellen McGirt: “I’ll help, too.”

Now I’m literally smiling at my computer. I’m feeling giddy. The writer in me is doing cartwheels. And so the banter begins. I toss out the idea of a tour of Fast Company and drinks with them, and they bite! I jest that they are twisting my arm, virtual high fives ensue, and before I know it I am registered for the conference, making flight arrangements, booking a hotel, and calling Laura to let her know we are New York City bound!

Moral of the story: Be open to the unexpected. And, if you want something, ask for it. The world is filled with good people, and more often than not, wonderful journeys unfold.

  1. Ellen McGirt Said,

    You know what I got out of the deal? A great conversation about life and possibility, three inspiring work ideas, two new and amazing friends – and some yummy cool blueberry candy thingees. All because of a random act of Twitter and the goodwill shared by Fast fans everywhere. (And partly because if Noah thinks something is a fun idea, then chances are I will too.)

    Thanks for being part of *my* great adventure! Can’t wait to see the sights up North.


  2. Noah Robischon Said,

    I’ll be totally honest here: there was a moment when I wondered what I’d gotten myself into. It’s possible you were going to be totally boring, or just bend my ear off about your fabulous client list. Instead, we had a thought-provoking, stimulating and inspirational conversation. Thank you for coming to NYC. Maybe you should move here. Who do I need to convince?

  3. gloria corsini pollock Said,

    Only you – God – and Pop Pop!

  4. admin Said,

    Thanks! Part two is up (NYC. People. Beer. Stories. And, Throw in Some Fast Company), and I’ll post part three later today. Cheers!

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