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Posted by A. Smith on Nov-1-2010


Last week, it’s 6:30ish in the evening. Two of my sons are curled up on my bed watching Scooby Doo. I am in the bathroom with my littlest guy while he swims around in my oversized bathtub pretending he is a fish. I am sitting on a stool scrolling through Twitter trying like mad to catch up on the many hours I am behind. Suddenly, a tweet catches my attention. It’s from @GetStoried reaching out for public relations help for its upcoming Reinvention Summit. I quickly hit the link, something I rarely do on my Blackberry, and like what I see. I like it a lot. The Reinvention Summit is a virtual summit on the future of storytelling. I scan the page and see phrases such as:

  • Narrative is a key to re-story possibilities
  • Gathering a new tribe of storytellers
  • Choose your own adventure
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Reinvent your story
  • See an emergent future

I’m sold. On a whim, I send a direct message to @GetStoried requesting more information. For all I know that’s the end of it. Minutes later my phone rings. Wouldn’t you know, it’s Michael Margolis, the force behind GetStoried. In the midst of chaos, we talk. And, it’s like we’re old friends. Our ideas mesh, there’s good energy, and so it begins…my joining the team for what is going to be an amazing event.

The Reinvention Summit is a totally bold and audacious attempt to break out of old silos, gather a new tribe of storytellers, and change the world through story. Taking place November 11 through November 22, this virtual event features an unusual cast of more than 25 innovative storytellers including:

  • John Gerzema, President BrandAsset Consulting, Young & Rubicam
  • Tiffany Shlain, founder, Webby Awards, and doc/cultural filmmaker
  • John Elkington, pioneer of corporate social responsibility/sustainability
  • Nancy Duarte, auther, Slideology and Resonate: Present Visual Stories
  • Julien Smith, co-author, Trust Agents, pioneering podcaster
  • A full list of speakers is available at

The Reinvention Summit is designed to move participants into the world of possibility. As a huge believer in the power of story, I am grateful to have crossed paths with @GetStoried and to be a part the Reinvention Summit team. I encourage you to visit to to sign up. Reinvent your story and join us as we re-story the future.

  1. Kristy Myers Said,

    Sounds perfect for my new role as storyteller for the Chesapeake Bay. Count me in!

  2. Randy Said,

    How exciting! And you know me, I love good storytelling :)

  3. admin Said,

    Thanks, Kristy & Randy! You’re two of the best storytellers I know!

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