Expressing thanks to businesses that LIVE UNITED!

Posted by A. Smith on May-24-2012

Dear corporate world,

I have never worked for you directly. I have respected you from afar, but I have never really known you – at least not beyond what I have read in the headlines, garnered from ads, or surmised by using your goods or services. Only recently did I get a glimpse of your insides, your heart. I was blown away.

I liked what I saw. As a matter of fact, I loved it.

I will never see you the same.

Last week, I participated in United Way of Greater Portland’s Day of Caring. I teamed up with this powerful nonprofit to mine stories – to uncover nuggets and determine at a later date how we might integrate them into the organization’s larger storytelling movement.

As anticipated, I met with wonderful volunteers, witnessed the magic of teamwork, and discovered nonprofits doing amazing work. What blindsided me, however, was the profound and positive impact YOU had on me.

Yes, I knew over the years your company has done a lot of good. I’ve read about the countless hours and dollars you invest in the community. I’ve seen the press releases and annual reports. But, experiencing the difference you make firsthand was something numbers can’t communicate.

I talked with your workers, watched them toil, and saw the smiles on their faces. I heard how grateful they are to you for not only allowing them but also encouraging them to volunteer. I learned how some of them return to the same place year and year again because they’ve fallen in love with an organization and how others try something new every year because they like giving back in different ways. I realized how much the Day of Caring opens their eyes to the community in which they live and work.

I was overwhelmed by the army of people you empower to make a difference – and by the fact that this was just one day, but that you do this every day in many ways by sharing your people, your services, your dollars…your insides.

You make a MASSIVE difference. You have a great story.

I am grateful for my new perspective. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for showing up and using your power for good and for setting an example for your employees and the larger world.

With gratitude,

Angela Smith


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