The BIF Kaleidoscope: Take a peek inside

Posted by A. Smith on Sep-21-2012

I’ve spent the past two days colliding with unusual suspects, engaging in inspiring conversation, and listening to jaw-dropping stories during the Business Innovation Factory Summit, AKA BIF8. Thirty storytellers. More than 400 innovators, troublemakers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and transformation artists. It was magical. And, I want to share a glimpse of it.

Over the next week, I will unveil BIF8 through the eyes of participants. Today, I’ll begin by sharing some Rapid Reactions. Here is the first question I asked people during summit breaks along with their on-the-spot responses:

If you could share one thing you learned/heard today with the world, what would it be?

“Traditional methods just don’t work anymore. We need people who work outside normal to get things done.”
—Bob Cole, American Student Assistance, Massachusetts

“Building something you care about isn’t as daunting as it seems. It can be fun/play.”
—Christian Petroske, student at Brown, Rhode Island

“The more we zoom out and see our likenesses the better.”
—Monika Hardy, TSD Innovation Lab, Colorado

“I’d share the importance of relationship building in bridging ideas and collaborating. It all comes down to relationships.”
—Caroline Mailloux, Rhode Island

“I loved seeing that collaboration and grassroots are becoming big trends amongst both the storytellers and the people here. It’s an incredible movement and it has to happen for this country to change. We aren’t waiting for corporations. We’re taking care of our own future.”
—Angela Yeh, Yeh IDeology, Design, & Strategy Recruitment, New York

“The most important message is that you can make a difference starting with yourself. And you don’t necessarily have to have great focus. Just start small. Do a pilot. Begin to create change.”
—Gustavo Severo De Borba, Unisinos University, Brazil

“Innovation and new ideas are possible no matter what you’re doing or your income bracket or whether you’re a little kid who wants to change the world.”
—Patrick Cull, 4 a.m. Chef, Rhode Island

“I’d encourage people to have a platform like this for kids. We could really inspire people at an early age to follow their dreams and to have their eyes open to the idea that everything is possible.”
—Mariya Raginsky, Rhode Island

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