The BIF Kaleidoscope: More rapid reactions

Posted by A. Smith on Sep-24-2012

Last week I had the joy of attending the Business Innovation Factory Summit, AKA BIF8. Throughout my experience, I connected with participants to get their gut reactions. Here’s more of what I heard:

What’s something specific you heard during BIF8 that shifted or broadened your thinking?

My most optimistic takeaway is that we already have what we need. We have amazing innovations everywhere. We don’t have to keep changing things. We just have to set people free to change the world.
—Monika Hardy, TSD Innovation Lab, Colorado

People are taking power in their own hands and mobilizing. This will change the way I interact with colleagues and clients.
—Paul Laroche, Pixel Media, New Hampshire

There’s a common theme along the line of participatory civic engagement, of sharing. People are stepping out of their own optic to see the larger community. The key to change is doing it together – to adopting the mentality that I’m in it for you, not just me.
—Jen Silbert, Innovation Partners International, Rhode Island

The independent diplomat is a fun idea. This concept isn’t something I’ll do between countries but it is something I can do within my organization and community.
—Chris Jackson,, Rhode Island

What resonated with me was the change from the bottom-up approach to inspiring the larger community to achieve the overall outcome. It’s about empowering those around you to action.
—Mickayla Zinsli, DHS Center of Innovation, US Air Force Academy

Andrew Hessel hit me the most. Genetics is brave work. Have to be pretty thick skinned. I was blown away. I came to BIF to see where controversy and connection intersect, and I got it.
—Kelly Milukas, Rhode Island


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