The BIF Kaleidoscope: Third installment

Posted by A. Smith on Sep-25-2012

As I continue to absorb the magic of the Business Innovation Factory Summit (BIF8), I can’t help but share more of what participants had to say. Here’s another glance of what transpired at this year’s summit (more detailed accounts to follow in the next few days):

What’s one takeaway from the stories you heard that you plan to integrate into your work or life right away?

You have to seize the moment with the person you just met. Stay open and pay attention. People here are very willing to engage. BIF sets up this expectation. I’m going to set up this same expectation everywhere I go. I’m going to choose collisions in life.
—Anna Kaziunas France, AS220/Fab Academy, Rhode Island

I’m going to put a visual representation of our business on our website to help explain to customers what we offer.
—Cheryl Golden,, Rhode Island

Platforms and networks beat institutions every time because they unleash the incredible creative potential of individuals. That’s the theme I see stretching across everything.
—Chris Rice, University of Kentucky

Anything can happen. Energize everyone who is as passionate as you are. Put your ideas out there for them to happen. You’re always in the middle, just start.
— Sarah Michaud, Florida

I came for work and have so many ideas for the community it’s kind of shocking.
— Sarah Michaud, Florida

My takeaway is the belief that anything is possible. This has given me the confidence and energy to go do something different.
—Trudy Haemmerli, Novartis, Massachusetts

I’m going to move toward passion…to embrace my passion.
—Sharon Collins, Novartis, Massachusetts


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