An open thank you letter to the Business Innovation Factory

Posted by A. Smith on Oct-26-2012

There is something about feeling like you can do anything. Like the world is open to endless possibility. And you can be a player.

This is how I feel at BIF. It’s magic.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to explain exactly why I go to BIF – or how I fit in. I’m not a hard-core business professional. I don’t have a fancy title. I stopped at a bachelor’s. I’ve never invented anything. I’m not always up on the latest and greatest.

I’m just little me.

What I’ve discovered at BIF is little me is enough. BIF isn’t about who’s who – it’s about breaking down silos, empowering each other, and coming together to learn, share, and uncover TOGETHER how maybe, just maybe, we can make the world better.

When I’m at BIF something happens. I start to think of ways I can complement my writing visually. I decide to buy a sketchbook. I take notes trying to somehow keep the stories alive. I think about my kids. A lot. And how what I’m learning can influence them. I feel a wave of gratitude for BIF, the storytellers, and the amazing people I’m meeting.

I feel ALIVE.

The energy is contagious, the content compelling, the stories life changing, and the people out of this world.

I am humbled.

I am powerful.

Coming together with inspiring people at BIF is a true blessing. I love my work. I love people. And, I love a platform where the two are seamless.

THANK YOU for allowing me the opportunity to attend and cover BIF8.

There are many ways to change the world. BIF does it on a grand scale. They also do it one person – one little me – at a time.

This little me is eternally grateful.



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